CTA ZX2 Intake Kit, prototype pics

Hi all

After a long period of time, we have decided to make an attempt at a second generation ZX2 intake kit. Expected prices, however, will be higher at $199.00USD ($219.00CAD) due to the cost of inflation and the use of a silicone 90 degree elbow. Clearance to the underside of the hood will be a non issue with the use of the silicone elbow.

Here are some pics of the prototype intake pics, 6 wire MAF version shown with black elbow/coupling. Silicone colours will be black, blue and red.



Now thats nice. Considering that is about the best intake on the market for the ZX2 $200 isn’t that bad. For some of you newer members CTA intakes 1st gen are ranked up there with the Roush Intake if not better. I can only imagine what the 2nd gen is capable of. Maybe a admin will get one and give you guys a review. But either way CTA Motorsports are a old company with in the ZX2 community. Very trust worthy

Could you possibly price it out with the 90 elbow from these guys… http://www.hosetechniques.com/ I buy all my hoses from them. I like them alot. If not is there a way I could just buy the intake tubing.

WOHO!!! CTA is BACK!!!

god I wish I had the money for one! I am definately interested in getting one, just going to take some time to get money.

Problem is that we have dealt with these guys before, and the price of their parts once they arrive at our door (in Canada), is more expensive than through our local suppliers. Saying that, we are looking at the possibilities of selling the kits in pieces, customer then picks up their own accessories.

I was just curious. Thanks though,

Did you guys fix the issue of the support bracket at the MAF/Filter as well? I know Chris and myself had to replace the bracket because it broke.

  • Darron

I’ve replaced my engine breather with its own after market filter. Can you guys make an intake that doesn’t have the nozzel for it? I want to keep things clean as possible.

when will this intake be ready more or less been trying to get my hands on the first since it came out. so for sure im picking this up

As per the pictures, there is a steel universal bracket now, no more aluminum, a lot stronger too.

We are looking at selling partial kits, or just the parts themselves. As well, we are reading the feedback about the breather line, and it looks like we can make it optional.

Still waiting on some parts we need for production, so we may get these started before Christmas.

I’m assuming that these will be for the 00+ ones, because I don’t see the extra hole thing for the 98-99s.

You could always get an aftermarket engine breather, attach that, then use one of the current ports for that other one. Hell, I have a blue one I can send you.

I’m pretty sure I noted that the 6 wire version was shown in the pic, however, all years will be available.

The 90* looks really good man. Looks a lot like the Roush. That’s probably just about as good as you can get for the bend right there.

FYI, we test fitted a Zetec Contour yesterday, pics are in the following link. Just have to get a ZX2 to test fit too. :itchychin:


Up to now, we have had no test vehicle to test fit the intake kit, hence why I have not posted any other updates. No test vehicle = no intake kit. :frowning:

Where about are you guys located? How long would you need the car to “test fit?” How possible would it be to allow prototype or later produced actual product be given to test car owner? :slight_smile:

  • Darron

I thought CTA was located in Ontario Canada.