CTA intake

Hi, i rally need / want the CTA intake, if you have one please let me know
im in 91911
jesus vega

no one ??

intake or intake manifold

If you can find a hotshot to trade, I’ll give you mine. It’s kinda beat up now though. And with an exploding battery some of the coating came off too.

  • Darron

whats a cta intake and whats it look like

its a harder to find zx2 intake very close to being a true cold air.


heres the link


o ok i thought you meant a intake manifold, lol if you want one like that built i can do that no problem take me a few days to turn one out…

What can’t you build. :?

The CTA intake is one of the better intakes produced for the ZX2. Like most intakes it only made a few hp by itself but the gains were through out the power band much like the Iceman and the Roush intake’s. Now seeing that only 100 or so Roush"s were made and Iceman is now out of business. It will be nice to see a new intake come out that has the same gains.

well i have an ice man i could use that as a model and build in some of the features of the cta air intake…

CTA owns!!! (I have one) :lol:

Ese, I might be able to pull mine off from the wreckage tommorow or Tuesday depending on what go’s down with the insurance. Cool?

How did u wreck your ride? Pushing? :evil:

if i build one simular to the picture CTA with substantial HP Gains would anyone be interested…

uhhh, yeah? :?

I bet it would sell :slight_smile:

I would be interested in replacing my CTA with yours, and I know my wife wouldn’t mind one for hers, but we won’t have the money for one or both for a while. MAYBE by next year, but not for a while.

If you do go through with making one, I do like how the CTA’s aluminum, but the bad thing about that is it transfers heat a lot. So if there’s some way around that that’d be cool. (My fastest time down the track was the first run.

Another quirk about the CTA is the throttle body elbow. It’s jank. PITA to get right. I, and I’m sure many other owners, have a ding in the hood from it not clearing quite right. And I know Chris had a problem with the silicone coupler on the throttle body getting cut and actually got some water into his engine because of it.


The intake is split right by the throttle body, which I think was a crappy place to do that. If there’s some way you could design it as solid to the throttle body with a cleaner cut for connection there you would rock something nasty.

Those are the downsides of the CTA. I understand it has the best sound of available intakes and was just behind the hotshot for performance. It is a 3in Aluminum tube. I personally don’t care for the 90* bend available for the Hotshot, and I think it’s been proven to be ineffective. so if you wanted to make an optional bend, I’m sure there would be a demand for it from some people. Or if you could make the bend actually increase power somehow would be sweet too. I’m thinking a more expensive upgrade package where the bend takes the filter into the proposed air box where the lower resonator was or something.

You have the knowledge (be it your own or your team’s) to figure out the best way to do it so, yeah. I know I paid $150 for the CTA so if you could beat that a li’l since your R&D shouldn’t be so extensive.

I keep thinking of other things, I think the bends in the tubing are to route the tube to the MAF mount so you don’t need a separate mounting point, but I know that CTA’s bracket was made out of a material not meant for bending so it cracked on mine and Chris’. My dad’s co-workers made me a new mount and Chris made his own out of some aluminum that he bought.

I’ll shut up now.

  • Darron

OK to sum up what darron just said. If you build it that would be great. the design is layed out 4 you. and if you incorporate the Iceman’s one piece design. then a slinght elbow to get cooler air . then ppl would be very interseted in it not just on this board but the other Zetec Boards.

ill get on one this week…

I would also be very interested in this.

i currently have a riged intake for now but i would b very interested in having an aftermarket intake with a nice gain of hp

thanks for the info guys ill try to incorpirate them into design…