Cruise Control question

Hey guys!
My fiance (tigress) just bought a Silver 99 ZX2 on Monday! YAY! But anyway, it didn’t come with cruise. I already talked with Leobrawner and can get the servo and steering wheel controls but not the wiring…does anyone know of any kit I could get with just the wiring or if I’d be able to rig some up myself?

Thanks for your help guys, and I’ll try to get some pics to post.

  • Darron has a full kit for $100. Got to their site and search cruise controll kits. It comes up w/ 2 diff ones. One is just under $100 and the other is $200

The guy in the following link installed the kit in his 1999 Miata.

Well…the guys at TeamZX2 said that most are wired for cruise, so I looked and sure enough! I should just need the servo and controls and be good to go!

  • Darron

How does that work? I never took apart my steering wheel. Are the Cruise controls just an add on or built into the steering wheel?

I guess just an add on or something. I don’t really know, but the servo plug is right there where it should be in the engine bay…

  • Darron