Crap Crapity crap crap crap

So thursday morning I was in an accident and was t-boned. The airbags did not deploy. Neither glass or plastic trim was broken. My passenger side door is no longer functional. :x Doesnt open. window doesnt open. Speaker doesnt work either. However the power mirror and power lock still function.

The car otherwise drives just fine. I checked the engine bay and the wheels and tires and that all appears ok. I will definetely need a new door and the door frame is bent. I have collision coverage on my insurance so the repair to my vehicle should be covered.

I refuse to allow them to write off the vehicle. I love my ZX2 and am not going to get rid of it. :smiley:

I am thinking that I might try to cut corners with the repair and maybe just get a door from the junkyard. If I have anything left from getting it repaired I am wondering about what improvements I might make to my zx2 with any extra money.

I am trying to be positive about the whole thing and look for a way that this wont totally be a setback, but I am still a little hazy about how it should work because I have never been in an accident before. I have dodged plenty of accidents in the past. This is the first time that I havent scraped clear.

Fortunately the insurance company has been very decent. In BC pretty much everybody up here has ICBC because it is the only insurance company in BC. I am only visiting and am insured by Progressive.

Sorry that spew was a downer but I just had to tell someone who understands my pain.

I hear ya. A similar accident killed my 02. But that was way worse, passenger side window shattered, frame bent, engine bay bent, it was obvious my car’s time had come.

As for me and my stepdaughter, both ok. These cars will sacrifice everything to keep us alive.

As for me and my stepdaughter, both ok. These cars will sacrifice everything to keep us alive.

Amen to all of that! Glad that your both got out of that in one piece! Same to you Tommy. I had a front end collision that totaled my 1st zx2.

As far as repairs, dont skimp out. If they are going to total the vehicle let them. Take the insurance money and get a newer one. How bad was the passenger side hit? is the B-pillar bent? You have to make sure that the uni-body and frame rails are not bent. Even a tiny twist in the metal can cause your car to become unstable at medium to high-speeds (60+).

I dont want to hear of a fellow zxtuner getting killed because his car decided to wobble at 80mph.

I wanted so bad to fix my first Z. That was the cleanest used car I have ever seen, and I couldn’t help feeling like I failed her in not keeping alert enough. But things keep going, and now that car has gone a long way to helping me make my current Z a wonderful machine (read - parts car). Hang in there tommy, don’t get depressed.

Thanks guys,

The damage appears to be limited to the door and the body panel to the rear of the door.
Nothing seems bent and the car handles fine at proper speed 80+. Hopefully today I will hear from someone at progressive and I’m thinking about calling around to get repair estimates today as well.

It really is hard not to be a little depressed, but my GF is being very supportive.

good god… someone else with progresshit. I hate them. but they are the only people that will insure me for some god damn reason. clean license and my accident comes off my car in february. Still cant get anything cheaper then $1300 / 6 months.

Listen carefully… Fight them on what they offer you if you dont think its fair. They WILL screw you, trust me from experience.

Friday the adjuster from the insurance company checked out the car…4200 in damages from the report I got from them, minus my deductable I’ll get a check for around 3600 from the insurance company. I just had the car checked out by a local body shop. They are quoting me 3750 for the repairs. I am going to check out a couple of other body shops to get second opinions.

I almost want to have them just replace the doorframe and rear quarter panel and do the door myself so I can use the rest of the money for things like rota subzeros, centerforce clutch,fidenza flywheel, truebendz exhaust, SCT X2.

I’m not going to do that because I want the car repaired properly but its really tempting.

I wish I had that money in hand and didnt have a broken zx2.

What would you guys do if your zx2’s werent broken and you had 3600 to spend on upgrades?

I’d put in the elbow grease for the door myself.

Yeah thats kinda what I am thinking about. The car pulled to the left a bit before the accident and now it drives completely strait.


I took that as a bad sign and I got the alignment done. It was way off. :smiley: But while they had it up on the rack I checked out the underside and it all looks good. No damage. I am getting several body shops to do estimates and there is a junk yard around here that I can get a whole door from for 350 canadian. I am hoping that if I do this smart I will come out ahead.

At least I can look at the passenger side of the car now with out getting sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Ironmark, Right now im paying about 100 a month with a 500 deductable, covers collision, acts of god, whatever. Its probably not that they are screwing you specifically, Its probably that they are screwing everyone in your area. My rates when down drasticly when I changed my mailing address.

$250 per month w/ 500 deductible. I do have one accident on my record which was a totaled valued. But even before my accident I was paying $300+ per month.

Hopefully this february it will go down even more as the accident comes off my record (2 years for NY state).

They left a bad taste in my month when the insurance adjuster told me he wouldn’t cover the parts on my car that I lost because HE felt they shouldn’t be on the car in the first place. I told him its my god damn car, I’ll put the parts on it that I feel like.

Then I went and broke into the yard where my car was stored and stripped my parts off the car. then put my stock parts back on. I still lost out on my 1st set of lowering springs, a 19mm RSB w/ ES bushings and Monster Cable audio kit.

Hell yea dude. I woulda done the same thing.

My last Z I just bought it back from the Insuranceas a salvage title… and stripped
it for parts

what did they charge you? they were going to charge me $1200 for a totaled vehicle. which I didnt have. Since I owed money on the car, all the money they were going to give me went to the loan.

Bravo on recovering your hardware off the old zx2 Ironmark. I would have done the same thing more or less. Probably more, I have a dangerous temper and that sort of thing would definetely set me off. Did they ever question that it went missing?

This is my first accident ever and so far they have been pretty cool. I still owe on the car but what I owe is significantly less than what the car is worth. If they had decided it was totaled it still would have been a huge setback for me.

yeah. Progressive payed for what they valued the car at. The bank was forced to pay the gap, as NY state requires gap insurance on brand new vehicles.

Progressive didnt know. When the car got back to them, it had most of my stock parts put back on. Thats why I keep my stock parts and dont sell them or give them away. in case of emergencies.

Save the old parts. Thats a good idea.

If I have anything left after the repairs I think I am going to do ss brake lines, slotted rotors and new brake pads.

Id like to do ss clutch line and a centerforce clutch but I dont think I will have that much left.

all 5 lines are about 110$ through a guy on TeamZX2. I cant remember his name. Mazdaspeed… something.

Thats a great deal if he still has them for sale. Definitely worth one less coat of clearcoat.

If he is still selling them that would make my day.

he does a group buy every so-often. I have a set ready and waiting to go on my car once I get the damn EGT brakes done.

I am debating about doing Rear discs as well as the new rotors and ss brake lines.