Crank TDC tool, not the CAM TDC alignment tool

I have both tools, I have never used the crank TDC tool, I always just use a long flathead screwdriver in the # 1 cylinder. Anyways, has anyone ever used this tool I am speaking of? If so, where does the damn thing go?

It should fit on the crank. You may need to remove the UDP to get to it. But I don’t see why you can’t just use a long ratchet.

There are TDC tools for V6s and up. That tool keeps TDC for when you are putting on the chain that links the crank to the cam.

The tool you are talking about is the long bolt with threads near the head? It goes into a threaded hole that is occupied by a bolt in the block under the catalytic converter. If you can set the crank by eye, which is very easy, there is no reason to use this tool. In fact, it would be hard not to be at TDC on the crank and not notice that it is 16* out of time by looking at it. Missing it by one tooth is very obvious.

the hole that zx2 fast mentioned is right next to the CPS, crank position sensor. It is a pain to get to. I made my own from a long bolt, don’t remember where I got the dimensions. I use a dial indicator to locate TDC. Just because I happen to have one.