Couple pics from today's cruise

We have a local car club that I help moderate on their forums and I went on my first cruise with them in the porsche. Lotta fun! Here’s a couple pics, taken by my fiance, edited by yours truly.

Couple pics some other members took of me…

Looks like a blast. I am hoping to do this more as well this summer. Was this with the timing belt done or not?

BTW somebody’s got money for the gtr

No… amanda’s helmet broke, the zx2 was dirty as hell so i said screw it and just took the porsche.

don’t ya hate it when ya have to leave the zx2 at home and take the porsche? :cry:
looks like a 69 firebird came out :sunglasses:

firebird? where? lol

fourth and eighth pic? it looks like a first gen anyway
I thought it was a camaro at first but that chrome/headlight say firebird

8-) confirmt

Ohhhh gotcha. Yeah it’s a 67. Looks like hell but it’s got some serious balls under the hood…

that’s all that matters :sunglasses:

Excellent pictures and great turn out

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