Couple new shots.....

The newest picture I just got, the rest are in the gallery…

looking good … love the sahde of green

PPG Jade Green, pictures don’t do it justice. Sunlight really sets it off.

I don’t care for the park bench on the trunk lid, but other than that it’s lookin’ awesome! A nice set of rims and it’ll look complete. Any ideas on what you’re gonna get? Kit and paint look AWESOME.

  • Darron

You do know you have the spill plates on the wing upsidedown, right? Kinda looks amaturish.

This is what it SHOULD look like:

Heh actually it was done on purpose, I gotta a bad drive to be different but I don’t think I like it as much probably gonna change em back.

And as far as the rims go probably konig unknowns, 17

that car needs a drop and rims!!! chris hes starting to look like your black z! haha jp man keep it up!

Its already got some S/R struts on and I have the Eibach springs but I’m just waitin for the rims before I have em put on.

Man, that kit is phat with an F, lol, sorry, not much sleep, anyways, what kit is that? is that the EVOII?

Thanks man, yeah it’s an EVO II kit. Had a couple of fit issues but nothin real serious. All in all its pretty good.

hey man looking good keep up the good work.

Appreciate it bro.