Correct Galleries with correct owners...

Just letting you know that My Gallery is owned by some guy named Joey, and I’m shown as owning Pololous’ Gallery. Would you mind rectifying this?

I will attempt to rectify this situation in a not so long amount of time…but with work and school the next couple days will be busy. Don’t expect anything to happen much earlier than Thursday…soory.

  • Darron

Thanks bro!

It’s Wednesday man. What gives. I don’t trust Pip with my gallery! This is an outrage!

heheheh, I’m about to start putting pr0n in Marco’s gallery!!!

I took a min to try ‘n’ fix it, and the people whose galleries aren’t right…don’t exist. ZetecZX2 and Polo aren’t in the list to give ownership back. I hope to talk to Chris soon to figure out the problem…for now I can only suggest maybe Polo try re-registering? Soory…

  • Darron

Ahh screw it, I don’t care, as long as Pip throws some porn in there weekly I’m ok with the current situation.

We are working to correct this problem so please hang in there :wink:

What Chris said…and porn=bad. Not that I actually think you would do such a thing.

  • Darron

You are correct sir, but I must keep you fine lads on your toes. :wink: