coolest thing on earth!!! *56k unfriendly*

Today we had a really bad thunder storm role through the area… one of the worst thunder storms that I have ever experienced… We are talking sideways rain, lightning every 5 seconds, thunder from 3 different places at one time… It was just… bad…

Here some of the aftermath in my back yard, I hate to see what the rest of my small town looks like

I had to take this picture twice, because my stupid dog, ran in the shot and decided to deficate as i took the picture.

Lightning strike or tree rot?

grass is greener on the other side of the fence!

Theres more pics, let me know ifyou want to see them or not!


I think you shoulda kept the dog one. :slight_smile: Crazy, that’s probably the same front that rolled through here yesterday. We had sun then mad crazy winds then some thunderstorms then light rain then sun…all in about 20 minutes.

  • Darron

Had a pretty massive storm here yesterday. Last from the time I went to work in the morn at 5:30 till late the afternoon. Drove around today to look at some of the damage, cars wrecked everywhere. Pretty bad, I pulled over and waited for the let ups but I guess everyone else didn’t.

And know I don’t drive the scort in storms lol :wink:

this will probably make this NSFW…


HEY!!! That’s what I’m doing right now!!! :?

Oops! TMFI!!! :oops:

:shock: LOL!
  • Darron

Gross but at the same time very funny. lol

:shock: ........HAHAHAHA!!!!!