Contest coming soon!

I will soon be holding a contest to give away some parts from So stay tunned for more information. Also tell some people about the site. I am hoping to make the contest a regular thing. :wink: Spread the word!

Cool Chris.

As long as consumption of insects or other disgusting things is involved…I’m in. ~waiting~

  • Darron

Sure, a Tapeworm eating contest. Yum!

OOOooooooooooooooooo I want to play!!!

I’ll do anything! MY ZX2 is STARVING for something, ANYTHING!

Yeah most definately my Z is starving for some action

its a raacccee!! I wiiinnn!!!

oh sorry wrong topic…


HAng on guys still workin the details out :stuck_out_tongue: I am not sure what the contest is going to be so if you have an idea let mw know.

Cool. Enough said… LOL

As long as it is nothing gross I am in…My Z definetly could use some things.


If it involves chasing down shoplifters to get some steaks back and then body checking them…I already won! :slight_smile:

Or it could be an essay, 'cause we all have time to sit down and write one…then you have so much time to sit down and read them all then judge who wins based on the “Darron Must Always Win” Curve. :slight_smile: lol

  • Darron
its a raacccee!! I wiiinnn!!!
hay no one said ready set go i want a rematch DO OVER! Chris, Dan, hes cheating

nah they said…

Red light,
Green light,