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what all functions off of our ecu ? i know fuel is the major thing but any acc. or anything? cuz doing this swap i was planning on just piggy backing the countor ecu to the stock ecu if i still needed to keep the zx2 one to run other stuff ? is this making any sense … so in other words im just going to use to computers one off the contour to run the fuel and the regular one to run everything else unless it be easier just to re pin the countor one

im not sure but see if you can get a hold of this guy h
it’s a v6 swap even if its into a focus he might be able to help

The pin-out between the Countor and the ZX2 are bound to be completly different. While a pin for the ZX2 may be IAT sensor, the same pin on the Countor might be VSS. You’ll have to get a pin-out for the ZX2 and Countor to see. You may have to swap the engine harness for the Countor. Now, isn’t the Countor a return fuel system?

yeah thats a whole other headache … but i think i have that one figured out and what i meant by repin was say find the iat sensor pin on the contour and find the iat sensor for the zx2 and plug it in ? understand?

I understand. But, while you can have the ZX2 PCM running the IAT and the Countor PCM running the fuel pump, the ZX2 PCM would have to communicate the IAT signal to the Countor PCM so that it can determine the amount of fuel to add. Or, if you don’t want the headache of swapping the harness. You can cut the harness connector from the Countour and the ZX2, then wire the connector from the Countor into the ZX2 harness. Again, this would require you have a pinout with wire colors for both vehicles.

Cutting the zx2 harness and pinning them into the contour harness would be pretty easy when you have the wiring diagrams. I printed up on the pinout for the ZX2 99-03.

ok sorry for the confusion … if you could send me those schematics it owuld be awesome