Computer chip help

Im wanting to put a performance chip in my car. But I dont want to invest in any crappy kind. Can anyone tell me the best ones to use.

I sell superchips at a good cost ($125) if you are interested let me know. My chips make a good difference in power and it’s been proven to get better gas milage too. These chips are good for bolt ons. If you plan on going into more detailed mods such as VCT delete or turbo or something more major than bolt ons you will want to get a SCT device theyhave piggyback chips (6600 flip chip), or a xcal2 or xcal3. You can get one of these from But these are close to $350. Let me know if you have anyother questions I’ll do my best to answer.

What is a VCT Delete exactly. I have a 98 Escort zx2 and Im currently just tryna do things to the motor. I have already got the following
1.AEM Underdrive Pulley Kit
2.MSD Ignition
3.MSD 8.5 Wires
4.NGK Spark Plugs
5.Cold Air Intake
6.A Friend Of Mine Is Currently Bore and polish My Throttle Body

Can you Guide Me Into My Next Step I really want the chip next
I know I need headers To. But Do you know about how much more horsepower Your superchip will give me. Any info Will Be Gratefull. Thanks

VCT Delete is when you remove the VCT Cam gear which is installed on our exhaust cam. I do the delete you have to have a VCT delete washer (which are no longer made but I have seen them from time to time in the for sale section. Most people remove the VCT when installing a aftermarket cam, or going turbo. When you delete it though it a good idea to get a tune to fix the CEL lights that will be thrown from the cam sensor.

As for your mods its sounds like you are on the right track to a decent bolt on application.

Superchips claimed like a 10 HP gain. I dunno if it is really a full 10 HP but the chip deffinatly does make a nice difference. With the chip I would reccommend running plus or supreme fuel. I could find superchips actual listing but I did manage to find someones dyno results … pinfo.html

Anything else I didnt cover and you are wondering about let me know. Sorry it took so long to get back to you… LOL I actually had this typed out twice and my laptop locked up causeing me to lose everything I just wrote twice LOL.

here is also a link I found that still sells these… as you can see mine a re deffin atle cheaper LOL

Well I would like the superchip but how do i know which one I need Can I get one were its already ready all i got to do is hook up. I dont know anyone here that tunes shit like that. I knew to my city. But if you can get me one at a reasonable price include shipping just let me know thanks

Mine are $125 shipped and that is tuned for your car. All you would have to do is pull the ECU and install it. There is a black plug on the back of the ECU, remove that and that’s where the chip goes. There is a laqure coating on the ECU, take a scorch brite and scuff that coating off the contacts. Slide the chip on and tape it down. If the connection is not good you may have to soder bumps on the contacts of the ECU (not a big deal). If you don’t feel comfortable doing this a radio shack can do this for like $5.

But fist I need your ECU code which is on a sticker on your ECU. Like LXQ1, or a four digit code like that. So I can check if there is a tune avalable for your specific ECU.

I found a code MTA7 on top of it. Can I go get a s/r/ ECU and put one of those super chips on one of them and install on my car and get even more performance I do want one though

Yes technically that should work. I have never been able to get a superchiped s/r ecu combo (I have never owned one is what I mean) because I had s/r ecu XHG3 and the tuner didnt have a tune for that ECU code. But I do have a S/R ECU CWQ3 superchip (just the chip, not ECU and chip) already flashed and ready to ship out.

Well I will be ready to order one tomorrow Can you have one for my ecu. I might be looking into getting an s/r ecu but not sure prolly just stick with mine. But just let me know if you have one available for my car thanks

I emailed my tuner the ECU code and I should get a reply on Tuesday (or the next couple days) to see if he as that ECU code avalable. If he has it its a go on my end.

It usually takes about a week to get the chip to you after payment (sometimes less, just depends on how fast the mail moves.) Day for it to get to the tuner, day back, then ship out to you (which is X amount of days.) I have 100% feedback on ebay, here, and teamzx2, so buy with confidence LOL :slight_smile:

Well Im ready when you are just let me know

Yup there is a tune avalable for MTA7. So I can get things rolling once payment is made.