Computer case choices

So I’m going to be building my own PC in responce and finalization of the IT classes I’m taking in hopes of getting a new job. And I’m stuck with two options. The NZXT case is the first case I came across, then I saw the Aspire and really like that one.

More NZXT Nemesis pics
Nemesis Tech page

More Aspire X-Cruise pics
X-Cruise Tech page

  • Darron

I voted Nemesis b/c Ive seen them in person and they look WAY better than in the pic.

I’m a functionality kind of person. I need to know what kind and how many ports can you place on the front of the box. I mean I want to be able to plug my joystick in without feeling around for the USB port on the back. iPods use the USB ports. Audio and S-video out ports. It needs to function these days. So what does each one have?

id go with the xcruise

yeah functionality…

where you getting the cases from? are these your only choices? is this a school project or a personal project?

Those are both nice cases, but there is so much better out there functionality wise.

try for some other ideas for cases. is another good one.

Check out Tiger Direct’s selection of tower cases. Functionality are key.

use zipzoomfly b/c their services are A++++++. They are pretty much all my dad uses for online purchaces.

I’m using and the black text in the orignal post above each pic are hidden linky’s to more pics and tech pages for each.

It’s kinda both personal/pleasure and school project. It’d be used for personal/pleasure, but the build would be a learning project for experience. They both have all sorts of bays ‘n’ such. The fronts open for both unveiling more drive bays than I’ll honestly know what to do with. Both have USB ports on the sides near the front. And I believe both have audio jacks up there too.

I picked these because they’re aestetically pleasing to me. I’m real easy going, so I can adapt to any functionality, so I chose these because I like the way they looked. The real hard part is that the Nemesis comes with a…400-420W PS, and the Aspire has none(I’ve got a 500W picked out already should I need it though).

  • Darron