Compression issues, cylinder misfire, and low idle

ZX2 has been having low idle. Changed the pcv hose, improved but still idles low. Especially when engine is cold. Check the codes and got a PO303 and 304 cylinder misfire codes, although engine doesn’t seem to be misfiring. It is also burning spark plug wires on cylinders 3 and 4. Thinking that there was too much voltage getting through I changed the coil, but no difference. Ran a compression check and 130 psi the first try, then 90 psi, and 60 psi. Once engine warmed up the readings increased.

Car almost didn’t want to start today. What could be the problem? Are the cylinders really misfiring? Cause I think that would be something I would notice.

Have you tried the idle air control valve? That one did it for me one time. Also check the o2 sensor for proper operation

I disconnected the plug from the iac valve and the car shut off. If it were the o2 sensor wouldn’t it throw a code?

When the IACV went bad it took a couple of month’s before the check engine light came on. All the while I had really cool sounding engine kind of like the top fuel dragsters at idle. Check the battery and alternators as well does not hurt to check the battery cables as well for corrosion

Have you tried to change your spark plugs? Mine set off a code for cylinder misfire. Didn’t have compression problems though. My first thought would be change your spark plugs for misfire if you haven’t. It might make a small difference. I doubt it though. It sounds to me like jumped timing or a blown head gasket or maybe even the head.

Change the plugs, look for oil unusual wear etc. Notice ur car smoking or anything unusual?