complicated web page

Hey this site is complicated! So how in the world do I upload my pics to my posts again? I dont understand how to do it and am beating my head against the wall trying to figure it out!LOL! Someone post back and let me know, thanks alot…ldyzx2

it’s easiest to host them somewhere, i personally use photobucket. copy the option for “image code” and it should show up fine.

I just use the IMG tags from a hosting site such as photobucket. They go [IMG$]your image link here[/IMG$], take out the dollar signs and that’s it, if you need an example just click quote on a post with a picture in it and you’ll see the format

If you have any questions you can for sure pm me at any time you wish.

When posting like I am right now if you scroll down there is whats called “filename”. With this you can upload a pic from pc from there. What I use is photobucket for a lot of stuff and click on the IMG link you can get from the pic afterwards. Any questions feel free to pm me and thanks for joining.