Coming Soon....

Well I figured I’d show y’all what will soon be taking up space in the trunk of my Z. This originally was in my hatchback and pushed a got 150+ dbs. Runnin 2 12" Kicker CVRs, Quantum Audio 1800 watt amp, 1 farad cap, Dual 12" single ported box. Just need to upgrade the stereo first…

(Only picture I could find of it)

This is going to be awesome!

What are the spec’s on those subs? They look like they can kill somebody hahah…150dbs is insane. How are you liking the car over so far???

I’ll have to see if I can dig up the specs on them. Used to sell a bunch of these when I was in the audio business. But they pounded pretty hard, almost as hard as my old MTX Blue Thunders which I miss. Those hit 143 on a 400 watt amp.

The car is def fun to drive, still gettin used to it. Took a exit ramp that does a tight loop the other night on my way in to work at 60mph when I was expecting it, car handled amazing in that turn too.

Also might be getting me a tv/dvd setup for the dash in the next day or so too

Ya I love audio stuff…I use to run two p1’s in the car and for some reason slammed hard on a 900 watt amp. I went to a smaller sub in the z. Thinking about getting nice speakers all the way around to top off it though.

Yes the zx2 does handle very nicely. This is it pulls some were with a stock s/r package suspension around .87-.90g’s which is very good. Go look for a 19mm or 21mm off a escort gt or wagon from the early gens(early 90’s). Great upgrade and will handle 10x better.

becareful of the oversteer if you do that though. I have the 21mm bar on my car and theres this one corner on the way to my g/fs house that has a bump in the middle of it. At 60mph I almost end up in on coming traffic every time.

Went and picked up my new radio and box, which I wasn’t planning on buying at the time. But picked up a Valor SD-902 Touch Screen Tv/Dvd Player. Waiting for my dash kit to come in stock with my distributor then I can start to install it all haha.

looking good dude, that box matches the trunk perfect

Looks good so far. Were are you going to mount the amp and capacitor?