Coming Back

Hey guys. My time in Florida is over so I am heading back to Wisconsin. :smiley: When I get back I plan on release the newest version of ZX2MS that I’ve been working on. So I might be off the site for a couple weeks soon. Back to work for me I will talk to you guys later.


We’ll hold the line!

WTF I thought things were going good in Florida?

Guys, I think you are missing the best part of what he said.

I plan on release the newest version of ZX2MS that I've been working on.

If he was pulling the site at the end of the year, why the new site?

Clowd of Mystery

So TOP SECRET I don’t even know.

ummmm, I’m confused… but that is nuthing new, so, um, yah… never meind. :?

All I know is his return = WW kit for me. WOOT

splain yourself lucy?

lol i think i have a idea on the new site

he should use the stuff e showed me they were awsome

He’s selling some parts off of one his Z’s, and I got the funds to get his WW kit.

I’d love a ww kit :x

Me too…I’d install his black kit on my Pimp Gold Z w/o paint…unless it’s chipped…then I’d repaint black then install. :smiley:

  • Darron

I love how that has stuck. :mrgreen: