Color theme interior

I’m planning on theming my interior black and blue, starting with the small stuff. Boots and handles for the ebrake and shifter. The color on the gauges. Now I’ve seen pictures where someone ha parts of their actual dash colored and I was wondering how to accomplish that. I also wanted to know if anyone had good ideas for the interior.

Okay, after looking at color painted interiors…I’ve decided not to.

good job. a fresh interior is always good, but after a couple weeks and it starts to scratch or flake it looks busted. I’ve used light gray pieces to break up the dark charcoal interior I have, one day I’ll reupholster the seats to match. Dark colors are easier to keep looking clean as wel

Yeah, I was thinking “I’ll paint parts of the interior red (or blue)”. Then I got to thinking “won’t that look kind of tacky?”

Hey, do you have any suggestions for color theming your car without going all tacky ricer on it?

dark subtle tones usually work best, they’re easy to keep clean. what kind of ‘color theming’ are you talking about exactly?

Red and black. Seats. Floor mats. Ebrake and shifter boots and handles. Gauges.

Hey, I just had an idea for my gauge lighting. Going with the red/black color theme, what’s your honest opinion of the idea of red color filters or LEDs for the RPMS on my tach, with white for the redline region? Kind of an inverse of the norm.

I’m not really sure how well the rpm thing would work, it’d be a tricky thing to do at a risk of killing your gauge. I’m not typically a fan of red in an interior, it was nixed in the early 90’s for good reason, it’s tough to keep clean. you want to keep high traffic parts dark as possible to not show dirt/spills/wear. ie floor, seats, things you touch. if you want to do red keep it a dark burgundy and only an accent, not vast swaths of it. You want to also keep in mind that if you just pull everything yo ucan and paint it people in the know will realize that, never good. I’d go with mainly black and a deep red trim, maybe a couple pieces of the dash and a vinyl/leather door trim to tie them in along w matching hilites in the seats

My original idea was blue, until my sister said “a blue interior in a red car?”. She has a point. I really don’t want to overdo it.

Here’s what I want to do (red or blue, i’m not sure yet):
Gauge face (I picked one out, the numbers and symbols are actually both red and blue. Blue being the dominant color).
Shift Handle
Ebrake Handle
Shift boot and ebrake boot (Either evenly colored between black and the color of my choice, or black with my choice color in stitching)

Now here’s a question: What do you think of those custom fit carpet dash covers on ebay?

BTW, I’m really feeling blue right now. I know it may not be the best for the interior of a red car, but blue’s my favorite color, and red just doesn’t set the mood i’m looking for like blue does.

Blue = calm. Red = Grrrr, I’m gonna run you over.

There is nothing wrong with blue in a red car. It really depends on the blue you choose. Carpet dash overlays are fine for protecting a dash, but should not be used for show. Before making a decision, visit a few upholstery shops that do cars. Browse web images of custom car interiors.

my opinion of blue is that it’s way too bright for night driving. I got a headunit that could do blue or green backlight, and having a blue car I went with the blue light. It was way too bright so I just reverted back to green, giving my eyes a little bit of a break and it fit better with the stock gauge lighting as well. My best advice is to wait a couple months and get some ideas, o and a carpeted dash is nothing you want.