will 93 protege coilovers work on a zx2

Never really heard of people using it from that year.

probably, 90-94 proteges are the same as 91-96 escort gt’s

aight so they will work? from 91 to 94

This guide covers the various suspension parts that interchange between the following models:

* 1991-present Ford Escort
* 1997-present Ford ZX2
* 1991-present Mercury Tracer
* 1990-1994 Mazda Protege
* 1990-1994 Mazda 323
* 1992-1995 Mazda MX3 

First of all…the 1990-1994 Protege and 323 are basically the same car, using the same chassis and unibody. The 1991-1996 Escorts and the 1997-present escorts and ZX2’s use the SAME chassis as the Protege/323 (known as the BG chassis). Thus most every suspension part will interchange with a few minor exceptions. The Mazda MX-3 uses the same unibody as the Protege/323/ZX2/Escort/Tracer hence why so many suspension parts interchange. The MX-3, however uses a different chassis known as the “EC” chassis. The main differences between this chassis and the BG chassis is the different swaybar design that uses droplinks instead of endlinks. The control arms and trailing arms are of a different design and the rear disc brakes on GS models use different style calipers.

Strut Tower Bars- It is easiest to find MX3 strut tower bars on ebay or online. All MX3 strut tower bars fit the 90-94 Protege, 2nd gen escort, 323, and the 3rd gen Escort and ZX2. The 3rd gens may require some re-location of various brackets as there are more systems (like ABS) and stuff. The rear bar does fit, but require trimming of your trunk interior to fit in the 97+ Escort sedan or ZX2 hatchback.

Tie Bars- All rear tie bars fit all cars. MX3 tie bars are easier to find than escort or protege tie bars. Front Tie bars from the Protege, will fit the 2nd gen escort. I don’t know of anyone who fitted one to a 3rd gen Escort/ZX2, but it probably fits. I have a MX3 rear tie bar on my car, and it fit great.

Swaybars- All front swaybars interchange between the Protege/323/Escort/ZX2, as does the rear bars. The MX3’s bars WILL NOT fit any of these models. This is because they utilize horizontally mounted droplinks rather than the vertically mounted endlinks found on BG chassis cars.

Bushings- Control arm, Trailing arm, Steering rack and swaybar endlink kits will interchange between the Protege/323/Escort/ZX2, and possibly the MX-3 (no one has tested them). Shift stabilizer bushings are the same between all Protege’s, 323’s, MX3’s and 2nd gen Escorts and Tracers (1991-1996). The 97+ Escort and ZX2 use larger in diameter bushings which will not fit.

Motor Mounts- The engine mounts for the Protege, 323, 1991-1996 Escort & Tracer, and 4 cylinder MX-3 RS are the same. The 97+ Escort and ZX2 may use the same mounts, but no one has yet to test this. The #1 and #2 lower transmission mounts for the ZX2 will interchange as the Protege/323/2nd gen Escort&Tracer and MX-3 RS however. (this has been tested). Since the MX-3 GS uses a V6, none of the enigne mounts are the same and will not interchange with the exception of the #4 mount located under the battery tray (upper transmission mount).

Struts- All MX3, Protege, 323, ZX2, and Escort struts will fit one another, but the ZX2 SR (and maybe all 3rd gens) use a larger diameter strut shaft. so you will need to use ZX2 thrust bearings (also known as strut bearings) if you want to use the ZX2 SR Tokicos. These are easiy modified into the MX3, Protege, 323 or 2nd gen Escorts upper hat. Please note that the ZX2 SR struts are .5" shorter in legnth.

Springs & Coilovers- All springs will interchange but each spring is designed with the cars weight in mind, so if you put MX3 springs on your Escort, the spring rates aren’t going to be correct, so keep that in mind.

Coilovers seem to fit, but Let it be known that most won’t fit the ZX2 SR Tokico struts without having to shave down the shaft (which is too fat to slip the sleeve over). All otehr struts will accept the coilovers fine.

Strut Mounts- All strut mounts are identical for all of the forementioned cars (Protege, 323, Tracer, Escort, ZX2 and MX3).

Lotsa good info here, but let me offer my .02 where I can assist…

Some designs of strut tower bars will not clear the intake or intake manifold on 3rd gen escorts and zx2’s… and since there are a number of tower mount designs available in the aftermarket, its a hit and miss on which ones will fit.

The rear tie bars from the 92-95 MX3 GS (only one offered as factory in USA) fit the pre 1997 models but not the later ones due to design changes to longer tubular radius arms on the 97-03 escorts/zx2’s.

In the rear, you can use the superior heim jointed bars from the mx-3 but you’ll need to add the mx3’s radius arms which have the correct mount. One other advantage to this is the arms are a little longer (5mm or so) so you can increase the rear track width by using them (the rear forward threaded radius arms will adjust out to match them).

Shift stabilizer bushings will work but the years 1990-1991 might be suspect since Ford has a p/n change at that point (unconfirmed tho). Also, the complete ZX2/3rd gen shifter assy. can unbolt and bolt into any 91-96 escort so that might be a solution as well.

The V6 passenger upper mount looks different but has the same bolt patterns as the other models. I’m experimenting with this as a zx2 atx NVH fix now.
As for the lower mounts, the lower front torque mount (near the radiator) uses different mounts for auto and manual transmissions.

The main and only variation between the struts has to do with the year cutoff. 1990-1996
models use a smaller diameter strut shaft, pivot bearing and upper seat. Use the 97-up parts when using the 97-up strut and all is fine. Some people have, with limited success, ground out a larger hole in the 2nd gen strut bearings and fitted the larger 3rd gen struts that way.

Lowering Springs: I’ve found that wagons suffer most from spring swaps since they are heavier in the rear and using a lowering spring will have them “drop” lower than in the front when using any of the lower spring kits out there. I have used a stock zx2 rear spring in conjunction with a front lowering spring to give the wagon a more level rake.

The interference problem with coilover kits on s/r struts have to do with the dust cover thats crimped on the top of the strut housing, people have removed that and replaced it once the coilover sleeve was inserted. This is not s/r strut specific though, it applies to all struts that are manufactured with a crimped on top cap as opposed to a welded on top.

true true…