Coil-overs still being made?

Is there a company still making coil-overs for the ZX2?

I don’t think officially. I think guys that were buying coilovers were buying for the protege.

BC racing makes coilovers for the escort gt that will fit

Thanks for the info!

Just checked on the site and confirmed with them. You need the Protege Coil-overs

Mazda 323 GTX BC racing BR type. Have em on my zxpoo.
Ceika i believe makes some.
Tein under mazda MX3
And a few others.
Street driven 5k front 3 k rear rates and it will ride nice.
Street lite track 6k 4k rear.
All track 10k or 12 k front and 7k or 8 k rear.

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These look really nice, but a little pricey. Thanks for the info @Zx2guy!!