Four 17" proline rims with tires… two tires have a very good thread, but the other two are very low and almost bald due to my camber problem in the front. They may need replaced. Rims are a little beat up, but nothing probally some very good TLC can not take care off. There is a curb marks, but nothing noticeable from a distance.

No pictures right now, but they are the ones on my car, that you see in all my pictures.

$395 shipped!


Sorry I was in such a rush this morning. . price is posted above

Hmmmmm that’s a killer deal… I’d do that in a heart beat if I had the money at this exact moment in time, sadly, I don’t… hmm i have an extra payperiod in december though, those are NICE wheels.

wow, nice deal.

you’re selling my wheels? dang dude, i thought you just picked up more hours at work too. they are really nice wheels! i had them for about 2 years. i bought them in virginia brand new, and they’ve seen every state between VA and alaska. i had them in alaska for 1.75 years. i polished the lip up a bit and took out almost all the curb marks, and that was just 7 months ago, so they should be in great shape.

this is a good deal people! plus, they’ve seen almost 20,000 miles of alaska!

more pictures on request

mis would u sell just tires?? say for $200?? unless these are gone. thanks

the sale is over sorry decided to keep due to other issuses