… im sellin the z… Dan yes i know ur gona hunt me down and bitch slap me but im sorry. i put sweat and blood into my car along with my dad. it has molded on side skirts and molded on aftermarket back bumper. somone smashed the aftermarket front bumper with somthin so the stock is back on. it has strobs front and back of the car. angel eyes on a switch. underbodys. Custom bumper support for aftermarket bumper. windshield wiper neons. hidden anntena. custom tinted windows. shaved the anntena area and emblems. weapon-r intake, strut bar. blue racing spark plug wires. blue interior neons under the dash and in vents which isnt hooked up. euro racing speedo. cameleon and baby blue dash. S/R zx2 emblem seats. exhaust tip. it has a invader spoiler and as well as the lambo kit!!

this car would of won tropies if it was painted and had rims on it said by the judges at the car shows i took it to. the chicks dig the ride. so if it was painted the yea… its pretty much ready for paint all dings are out and stuff. needs a wings west fron lip or new aftermarket bumper. this is a car for anyone that is wanting to get into moddin there first car or wants to finish a project. it comes with all the stock parts. i am only askin $2800 for the car without the lambo kit and $3600 with the lambo kit i am only askin what i put into the car plus alil bit of what i payed for the car in the get go. so im not makin any money. i am willing to trade though. any offer will not be turned down only looked at. i will also though in some aftermarket rims(no tires) for $500 not partin the car out so please do not ask. thanks

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keep me on your to buy list . . .and make sure I am at the top. . . sorry to see you get rid of it

yea me to. i dont want to but it just isnt keepin my interest