click click

well this isnt a big problem but everytime i make a sharp turn to the right i hear this “click click click” sound comming from outside and i can sorta feel it in my pedal also…

Any ideas? :?

only one thing comes to mind possibly a cv joint. but i could be wrong.maybe one of the other more mechanically minded on the board could diagnose such noises.

well i dont know what that is can someone explain :cry:

a cv joint simply allows the wheels to rotate in different positions ie steering, uneven surfaces etc. to see them simply turn your steering wheel full left or right and lookbehind wheel assembly .you should see a rubber accordion boot. cv joints are inside. check th boots for cracks,rips holes or any grease coming out from anywhere there. also if you have aftermarket wheels and tires make sure they aren’t rubbing ie wheels or tires.

alright ill do that in the morning because its dark outside right now :wink:

thanks for the help :smiley: