cleaning out the work shop new stuff added

Ok i cleaned out the little extra parts area i have and decided to get rid of some parts. To help support winter projects.

Metra face plate == $25+ shipping
98 Fuel Rail ===$30 +shipping
black throttle body ===== !$10=shipping

I also have a Coke Machine from 1968 that works. $300 pick up only

Dibs on the TB.

Sold ^^ Mark tim is going back to NY next week illl send him with your parts that i have here and the TB w/ the black trottle conecter


i had a good J/y day. sry no rear disk but i was able to snag;
98 valve cover $45+ shipping
98 intake mani $70+ shipping
black tb === $30+shipping

I dont make profit out of these deals i just get the parts so they wont go to the crusher. Think of if we had all the S/R before they got crushed what we could have used.

i also snaged a armrest but im keeping that. lol