Civic Short shifter...

Not sure If ya’ll knew this or not but the 96-00 Civic short shifter fits the
ZX2… BiohazardZX2 from TeamZX2 showed use this… Ok here it go’s

Disassembly is standard… Jackstands or Ramps make it much easier.

  1. Remove the center console (front and back).

  2. Under the car, in the area of the flex-pipe, you’ll find the heatshield and the shield-bolts. I could only get to 2 of the 3 bolts, but it was enough to bent it out of the way… Some folks just take tin-snips to it.

  3. Remove the Nut and bolt from the bottom of the shifter. Make sure the linkage is disconnected from it.

  4. Back into the car. On the console floor around the shifter, you’ll see the flat edge of the retaining spring. Pop that badboy outta there, pull up on the shifter… The shifter, the dustboot and the 2 white plastic surrounds will pop up…

  5. Remove the dustboot and put it on your new shifter.

  6. This is where it can get fiddley. The pivotball is a larger diameter than the stock ZX2 one. So you’ll need to hone/lapp out the plastic surrounds some. I did this alittle at a time using rough grit sand paper. When you look into the well that the shifter drops into, there is a groove along the side. You need the plastic surrounds to drop down just PAST that groove. I tried to take more off the top than the bottom.

  7. Grease the pivot ball and bottom joint, insert shifter into the floor and orientate properly (bend towards the back). Helps if you have someone in the car to hold it steady and twist if needed. Down below, Insert the bolt, with spacers, and tighten. If you have help, have them run thru the gears so you can check your clearances… I didn’t have any problems, but shrug

8) Break out the dremmel, clamp your retaining spring to something and cut it two and a half turns from the top (The spring spirals inwards from top to bottom, top being the part with the flat-spot in the turnings).
  1. Invert newly cut spring so that the top (widest part) is now facing downwards and work it into the groove mentioned in step 6. You’ll have the rest of the spring sticking UPWARDS, but its covered by the console, and I didn’t want to weaken the final loop stiffness if I didn’t have too… having that extra half-turn helps with that. You could always go get a snap ring, but I didn’t want to hassle with that.

  2. Reassemble console and your done.

As for pictures… I’ll see what I can do. But its not that hard once you FIND the damn thing. Looking under the flexpipe was the hardest part for me.

id just rather spend the extra money for the b&m or any other shifter made for our cars that bolt right in

Yeah, mine was so much easier to put in. Not to mention is was designed specifically for the G5M and BG (or C-120 in Fordspeak) chassis.

That was actually my write-up for that.

and keep in mind the difference between the TWM and the Civic shifter is about $110 bucks…

It took like 40 mins… Easy to do shrug

B&M w00t.