Chrome Spark Plug Covers

I was on a site over a year ago and I cannot find it anymore. I’m looking for aftermarket spark plug covers that would go on a 98-pre99 ZX2’s or on 98-99 Contour’s. Wondering if anyone can help me find a few good selections.

The cost to just look nice it too much for me. But check out,, or you could always look for one on a Focus page.

RTM is down right now, but they used to sell polished aluminum covers. i’d love to get my hands on one and powdercoat it to match the valve cover.

Its too bad those covers are for NON-VCT engines.

google it i found the site like 2 weeks ago

RTM Racing is back online and I nabbed them the exact day they reopened the site, isnt that ironic?.. Well anyway as most of you know I already got the chrome spark plug cover from them, they do have a few in stock still and are not making anymore for the ZX2 I believe, so if you want one ask them for pictures of all the ZX2 covers they have and pick one out, thats what I did. They cost about 85 bucks or so.