I’m in the Chicago land area guys. 30 minutes northwest of downtown. Drop a line if your near, I’d like to hang out with a fellow ZX2’er. Havn’t seen anyone around here yet for the past 4 years! :frowning:

Well I am headin down there for the Chicago autoshow I live north of the border. We can meet up for the show if you want?

Awesome, email me when exactly your coming in so I can take that day off work. I’ll give you my cell phone number.

you know i’m from chi-town. but FL is more than just a quick trip away :stuck_out_tongue:

w00t Chicago!

i’m near Midway airport (sw side)

i’m down for any meets as long as it doesnt interfere with my regularly scheduled program

and BTW i lived in Florida for a short time… loved the weather down there, but missed teh snow

You drive a ZX2? It doesn’t really matter, but almost every friday night me and my friends go out and find some street races, drifters, and do burnouts for a video we are going to release next year. It’s mainly a video showing the beginners and ametuers of street racing, usually we find a bunch of 16 year olds (mommy and daddy bought them nice cars)to 23 year olds (that drive pos cars and supe them up because thats all they can afford) and how they begin to get into the street racing scene, I think it would be pretty good.

yea i do

and damn i used to go down to Doty rd on friday nights, but stopped going when i started working full-time. some real good street races there (mainly muscle cars, usually the ricers would get humilated there)