Check this out!

These were parked less then 1/2 mile from my house. I had my father stop in heavy traffic on Rt. 17 so I could jump out and take pictures. Enjoy!

Mother f*&^%er I want that white 1985 lambo !!! I have a picture in my place of that same car and always keep it there to remind myslf of what to buy when I finally have money to throw around. :-o

I sure as hell wish I had either one of them. Nice find.


There are more pics of them in the gallery. for some reason the server wouldn’t let me post more then 2 of them.

3 Lamborghini Countach of various year and a Ferrari I can’t identify. One of them (the red one) appears to be an LP5000S, I may be wrong on the white one but it damned well appears to be an anniversary edition looking towards the back and the other appears to be an LP5000S QV. NICE spotting! Who knows what the ferrari is, it isn’t nearly as cool as any of those Countachs because all 3 of them are very nice! AND RARE!

I believe the Ferrari is a 512. Nice!

Cannon ball run FTW