check this out

Found this awsome website :slight_smile:

there are a few zx2’s, i would put them on but dont know how. Your just going to have to look for them

If you tell me what page they’re on, I’ll get 'em in here for you. I know it’s not a Z…but what the crap happened here?

  • Darron

Fixed the link for you Darron!

It was a birthday present that was unrapped. They then looked under the hood and ran away.

Ok, the black Z with the evo bumper looks kinda nice, and the gold Z’s rims look neat too. lol

They have the Eribuni car on there? That’s one of the sweetest kits ever made IMO… Must be because of the wing…

  • Darron

that black z with the foglights are ownage and that last z is not that bad, but it needs new rims :smiley:

Sorry, anybuddy that has nuthing beeter to do than go through picks to make fun of them on the internet needs a better hobby… or a girlfriend.

I mostly find these sites a waste of bandwidth. Rice is a subjective matter. No two people like the exact same things in life. Its just life. So trying to group a whole set of cars because they have wings ect… is kind of difficult. Yes, some of those cars are kinda crappy but most people just try to work with with what they have. Believe me though I have seem my shitty fair of ricers.

With that being said check out this rice burner!

That looks like something out of an old movie or a Dr. Suess book.

I think the guy who does the anti rice site is a clasic car guy and maybe doesnt like compact preformace cars. Looking thru the site he seems like more of a big block holley guy then sports car guy. Although some of his compaints seem fair. Like excessive neon and badly installed vinyl graphics.

He’s just mad because his 12mpg sled gets beat on by 30mpg “4 bangers” daily. And we can turn left or right. :lol: