check out my zx2

i just started working on my car so its not a good as all of yours but it will get better.

*I helped ya out :wink: ~zx2ms


i cant get it to work. hold on

there i put my pics up at fuel empire heres the link

We all gotta start somewhere. Wish you luck, and welcome!

hey thanks i appreciate it

Like Darth said, gotta start somewhere. Welcome to the board.

  • Darron

WElcome to the boards> Nice start What did you use? If you have any ideas or question on where to go next just ask. We’ll be glad to help

Welcome to the boards!!! Hope you find the site usefull and have fun at the same time.

p.s…dont rice out your car. lol Just playing. :smiley:


thanks for all your help i just bought a push button start today im going to install. check it out.

there nice but you will still need to use the key into the on posisition to make it work

Just like a Viper.

I like it. Please tell us how it was to install and such.



i got some new pics let me know what you think so far

Do i smell N2O ?

its coming along very very nicely

yes you do. thanks

more pics

Nice. Those lights can’t be leagal can they?

not while im driving. i have a switch inside the car to turn them off. all they are are led lights. i still have my regular bulbs in there i just have my parking lights on and the leds turnrd on.