Changing Rods and Pistons..

I am considering upgrading my rods and pistons with SVT Focus ones… I was just wondering what types of things I have to take into consideration when doing this… I mentioned this to my dad the other day and he said something about machining the crank and getting new bearings and all this stuff…

I just want to know what types of things are a MUST when putting in new rods/pistons? I mean can you just get new rings, rod bolts and hone the holes?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


sm00th from team zx2 just did this. All he did was clean the pistons up and put new rings on. He used the SVT Focus internals because they are stronger than ours, but nothing crazy strong like competition ones. He is turbod and he is planning on pushing like 18psi on the internals… He also used new bolts.

You can get ahold of him on aim: smooth01234

Tell him yellow2000SR sent you. LOL

Much appreciated!

JE forged pistons with 10.5:1 compression forged pistons and Eagle Rods far surpass the SVT parts. All so billet main caps and dont forget ARP main studs…