Changes coming down the pipe

ZX2ms will be undergoing an entire site rebuild very shortly. Just so users are aware we are going to be finishing the gallery and adding it. The site will look very similar but will implement a lot of changes that are going to make it easier for YOU to enjoy your experience:

Newest will be…

  • Gallery
  • News
  • Tutorials

The tutorials we are excited about because it will allow us to add the content as a whole. Not piece by piece. AND, best of all, users can add to it as well! We can also directly link stuff for parts of the site.

To top this off, the gallery lets people add their own album, own pictures, and it will feature a lot of user interactive rich features.

As well with this is the integration of the ability to DIRECTLY SHARE things that interest you on zx2ms with people on your own sites such as facebook, myspace, digg, email, etc.

If that wasn’t enough, you won’t have to do a darn thing except sit back, relax, log in with your same username and password you have now and that one single login will actually tie you into the ENTIRE site and ALL of it’s features. This means the entire bundle is all one site, and yes, the forums will STILL be here, but everything will be in a new way.

We are really looking forward to the change as it has been coming down the pipe for a while. And it’s just around the corner to launching. It’s taken a lot of work, but we’re there :slight_smile: We will keep everyone updated on this.

sounds awesome… i look forward to dabbling in the new stuff once its ready.