Centerforce twin disc clutch- barely used ****S O L D ***** THANKS !!

                                     [b][b]  SOLD[/b][/b]

Removed the Centerforce twin disc friction plate/pressure plate from my S/R when installing Gude turbo setup. The clutch had approximately 4,000 unabused miles on it when it was replaced with a Spec II. Would serve a stock HP ZX2 quite nicely,…pressure plate looks practically new with no evidence of wear whatsoever, friction plate in same shape.

Will consider trade for water injection setup if complete or sell outright for $125.00 plus shipping. I have no pictures but will be happy to return Buyer’s money if clutch not as described. Comes without throwout bearing or pilot bearing which I reused.

Email me directly…



How much for shipping to 54961?


I believe I can use the USPS flat rate box which costs $8.60 anywhere in the US regardless of weight.


Any takers out there…all I have heard from are posers. I have checked the runout of the friction disc with a stand mount dial and well within spec…cleaned and in near new condition. Packed in $8.60 USPS box and ready to go any where in the US.

Send me your best offer and will consider…$100.00. Again, if not happy with this clutch piece, send her back for refund.


Post up some pics! you might get some more offeres!

My digital camera just left for the beach yesterday…not sure what a potential buyer would see of real importance, i.e. lack of warpage, loose spring plates, wouldn’t really show, just a very clean, shiny red pressure plate and new friction plate bedding.

65 dollars plus shipping