Caught TWO Ford GTs today.

Note the sexy red ZX2 with black stripes parked next to it :wink: haha

Damn rich people in bend :lol:

Dude yeah I love GTs… mmmmmmmmm :twisted:

wow…the great leagues…

The day I can afford a Ford GT will be the day I collect my own death insurance. Now that I think about it, that’s a really bad plan. lol

I thought you said you caught 2 of them. Where is the other? You sure they weren’t the same car?

One was blue with white stripes, I saw it driving by as I entered the brewery for more wine supplies, was not quick enough to catch it.

But my fiance yelled at me when she saw this one, i got out the cam instantly and snapped a few photos like a car paparazzi.

Awesome!! Yeah I saw one driving around around Toledo a couple of months ago. It was pretty sweet :smiley: Must be nice to be that filthy rich.
We had a yellow one here at work but we had a fire so it got smoke and water damage :cry: Poor thing.



and you didnt tell us… shame on you Miranda!!!


LOL!! :lol: Mark you are too funny:) We seriously need to meet some day:) Darron and I could come to visit you or something.
I actually don’t know what they did with the GT…Me thinks that it disappeared…maybe…



Second…Mark e-mail me.

  • Darron

YEAH more drama the a soap opera on this site.

GTs are pretty cool. The engine is a bit disappointing though, but still pretty beefy.

The blowers on them are huuuuge. I saw one when I was in Stanstead airport.

People might not see this if I post it here, but anyone see THIS monster?

[url=] ... d+gt&hl=en[/url]

[quote="Darth Maverick "]
People might not see this if I post it here, but anyone see THIS monster?

No, I haven’t and in 21 minutes I’ll let you know how much I liked it…

Anything I say will be too understated, but it was an amazing car, that drag strip incident was fun to watch also, wow.

1000 HP? Hell yea its an amazing machine.

this thread is still alive? lol

Like I said, I shoulda posted the vid of the turboed GT else where.

Too bad Ford didn’t go with their concept car, the GT90, back in '95.

Can’t get over how evil that car looks. Its in this other racing game I have for my computer, Ford Racing 2.