Carlisle:All Ford Nationals: June 6-8, 2008

Who’s showing/going to the event?

Im going! So look for a White ZX2 with unpainted Buddy Club Front bumper-Because thats me! i’ll be there friday-saturday!

I will be camping out with my 3 friends at Carlisle. So if anyone wants to house nice behaving 17,18,19,19 year olds we will be happy! lol

Very cool that you will be there. I wont be able to make it down this year, but my father will be there. He’ll probably come over and see whats happening with the escort guys / gals.

Well there was only 3 ZX2’s that showed up. Me being one of them.

The show was good except it was hot and humid the whole weekend. Everyone that went probally suffered from sun burn!

Yes i can fit cleanly undneath his rear bumper!

The drive home… There was a Contour SVT that i caught up to… I think it was turbo’ed- He didn’t wanna play…

Im sorry I wasn’t able to make it. Seems there was about the same turn out this year as there was last year. That means us zx2 guys are still holding on! YEAH!!!

I’m going to do my best to get there next year and be in the show.

It was embarassing that there was 3 ZX2’s. Come on there was more starsky and hutch replica cars!