car stereo install HELP!

So yeh the other day I went through the trouble of putting a cd player in my zx2. While reading the instructions I saw that it said unpluging the vacum line or something like that from under the drivers side dash. I looked but could not find anything. So I continued with the install and got the dash to come out a few inches. It seemed like the only thing holding it together was the middle control for turning it to warm and cool. One of my friends looked under the dash but also couldnt find anything so he had the great idea of just yanking real hard. Well it worked the radio cam out and it let us unplug every thing else. I am still unsure if he damaged the cord or anything its sort of wierd because it like gear. So I continued with the install and got every thing working except the fact that I cant get the middle cable hooked back up. There is not enough slack in the line for me to put it back on. In order for it to reach it has to be practically all the way in. So I guess what I am asking is to see if any has any suggestions on getting this cable hooked back up or getting a little more slack in the line. Also if I did break this cable how hard is it going to be to get it replaced. I really dont want to take it somewhere and pay for the installation of a cd player when all I need is this one thing and I am done.


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That part your talking about is a vital peice of your heating and a/c system. it controls your temperature…

Chances are that if it was jerked out of there then the gear broke the tension shaft that allows you to make more heat. Those are OEM parts and most likely not cheap, and probably not a self-install.

if you didnt break that nubbing sticking off the drivers side center console you are lucky. in any case you need to turn your center temp control all the way cold and that will position the spring in the gear so that everything will fit onto the shaft.


Never listen to your friends when it comes to your car. ill be surprised if it wasnt broke. Welcome to the world of cars. Dont feel bad if you get flammed by some of the members for not thinking things through, its all in jest here.

At one point we were all starting out.

Underneath the driverside on the righthand side look up, you will see a thick black cable going from a big black box up to where that switch your talking about is. All you have to do is pop off that piece from that big black box looking thing.

hey guys thanks for the help. I went back over to my friends house tonite and instead of having him help I had his dad since he actually knows what he is doing and I have been helping him put a new tranny in the last several nights. I made sure to run a remote wire and Monster RCA cables so I shouldnt have to worry about messing with it for a while. To my surprise it actually wasnt broken so yeh thanks again for the help. I am sure I will be back soon with more problems.

I would also like to welcome you to the board and mention that my fiance bought her ZX2 from Red Ferris down there in Wooster last August…kinda funny…

Anyway, I kinda did the same thing to her car when I installed her CD player. When mine was installed I had a pro installer help with it in his driveway. But I ended up breaking one of the plastic clips that holds it in and when I re-installed it, it wasn’t lined up right, so really hot is almost back around to really cold. lol But it works and that’s what matters! Glad you got everything worked back out. I’m just curious how you got it back together? I ended up taking apart the center console and putting the unit in and connecting it from underneath.

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Wow guys im not the complete newbie now! YAAA ( now you all must clap while i bow continuiously)

Anyways… see that right there is the reason i dont attempt to mess with my car… because i dont have the money to fix what i mess up :oops: oh well… lol how old are you ??

running the remote wire and RCA cables was a smart thing do, especially if you plan on running a subwoofer later. it less work when you do hook up the boom boom.

You don’t have to necessarily have to run RCA cables. If you are like me, you could by a little box that taps into your rear speaker wires. What it does is retrieve the signal and convert it into L and R signals. Then you can use a really short RCA cable to your sub. I would recommend this if you are short on cash or using the stock radio.

the guy who hooked up my sub used the lil box with L and R on it… its white and hooked into the wires that come from my 6 disc changer… i think… lol but it also has RCA cables… i dunno what the hell he did but it works :? so i guess no complainin here huh? lol