car show today

Ok guys as some of you know me and IRONMARK hit up a nother show today. of course heres we got pics.

guess what goes head to head?

The ferrari appears to be a 360 from the back from what i can tell.

roush corrected me, its a 550

too bad they were parked tail-to-tail! im going to post the circle video. ROFLMAO!

some more pics. ill get them all loaded eventually.

Theres some thing diffrent about this car? :? I wonder what it is? i wonder what it is? any guesses

heres a funny little treat for everyone!

LOL, funny video Mark.

Is that a Nissan Skyline?

Yea a Skline and a Ferrari 550 went wead to head in a auto x race. The Skyline kicked ass.

Skyline R32 isn’t it?

Yea Skylines rule… for now. :evil: