can your car go 1,000,000 miles?

this one did


I remember a Volvo hitting a millior miles a few years ago Volvo had a big lootodo in Times Square. Either way thats a big deal i know of a subaru thats at 560,000 the floors rotted but it still runs great


Wouldnt Ford feel stupid for discontinuing the ZX2 if a couple hit the million mile mark and made a big deal about it.

You mean when. I’m gonna work as hard as possible to make mine last. :smiley:

Good luck with that. I hope mine makes it to 500,000. By then itll have a Jayco motor in it hopefully. But the body will have 500,000 miles so tat stll count right. :smiley:

Damn skippy.

A local bricklayer has a Dodge pickup, Cummins diesel, with 700,000 miles on it. He has not needed to open the engine and still has the original clutch and transmission. He has replaced the water pump twice. And, most of the miles were pulling a loaded trailer.