can this handle this?

can this … id=4694342

handle this? … id=4891522

or should i get this instead cause its not so expensive?

[url=] ... id=4541644[/url]

will that amp hold out on either of it or will the amp explode in my face? :roll:

thanks and srry if im poor and shopping at wal-mart :lol: :smiley:

Well I’ve been around 1000lb(not watts) audio systems all my life, your 6.5 and 6x9s will be your most important part of your audio system, that’s what you should focus on first. 6x9s should be 4 way or better. If you want a lot of bump in your trunk then you’ll have to give more power to your interior speakers. My personal preference is one sub and a 300 watt amp. Thats more than enough to impair your hearing.(which I think everyone takes for granted). Current factory receivers are adequate, just replace the speakers, but older cars(all cars really) will benefit from an aftermarket receivers. Thats just MY opinion though. Visit for more info.

Audiophiles lose their hearing. :lol:

you really didnt answer my question but i see where your going with this :roll:

can someone answer the question :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That sony sub is more efficient than the pioneer. That amp is designed to operate 4 speakers. How many subs do you intend to run?

The AMP you are looking at is intended to be used for your smaller speakers in the car. It will run the SUBs but no where near what is needed to blow the SUBs.

When putting in SUBs, first figure out which SUBs you want and then decide on an AMP. You can do it the other way, but then you are cornered into what how the AMP performs unless you decide to run more than one AMP.

That’s my $0.02.

so i need to get a more powerful amp right?

im planning to run maybe 2, 800 watt pioneers that you were looking at (the blue ones)

so i need like a thousand watt amp or something? :-o

To run 2 800W you could use a 1600W amp
Or you could use 2 (bridged) 800W amps

Or you could use 1 smaller amp than 1600W. The reason why is that these are ratings of their Max. output, not the requirement. You could also go higher than the 1600W, but you would have to turn the Amps output down. But it is a good rule of thumb not to surpass the max. rating.

I’m gonna double post 'cause I haven’t finished reading, but I’d like to point out the rears are technically 6x8’s not 6x9’s.

  • Darron

I know in your other post you said that you didn’t want to buy and aftermarket head unit, but I would recommend one if you’re going to buy a sub.

  1. It’ll make the install of the amp easier

  2. It’ll provide more power to the other speakers (which can handle the extra power no prob, I still have the stock fronts in and they sound pretty freakin’ good)

That’s my opinion. Plus many of them aren’t going to be very expensive for an MP3 capable and what not.

  • Darron

i see, and it makes a lot of sense so ill probily have to save up money then :expressionless:

i have 2 shitty 10s in a banpass box with a 250 watt earthquake amp that is like 7 years old this is the second car i used it i got some pioneer 6x8s also have a pioneer headunit it hits just right its all ill need for now i do want to get the door speakers some time later i spend most of my money on performance mods