alright well i just recently purchased crane cams for my zx2… my question is if i put these cams on my car; right now my car is stock other than the knock sensor unplug; but anyways if i put these cams on my car will it hurt anything since it is stock?

Which cams ? what is the lift / duration? If it’s a mild alteration over stock it wont hurt but if i were you i would get cam timers before you install them. Most ppl add them later anyways this way you save on install.

To get the most out of them SCT helps.

heres the diffrent intake cam. info
stock focus intake cam
.348" lift, 202 deg duration @ .050"

crane/ford racing stage 1 focus intake cam
.374" lift and 210 deg duration @ .050"

crane/ford racing stage 2 focus cam
.382" lift with 210 degrees duration @ .050"

stock zx2 intake cam
.367" lift and 214 deg duration @ .050"

zxtuner/web hi torque intake cam
.398" lift and 216 deg duration @ .050"

crane/ford racing stage 3 focus intake cam
.390" lift and 218 deg duration @ .050"

zxtuner/web hi rev intake cam
.400 lift and 227 deg duration @ .050"

zxtuner/web race cam
.395" lift and 242 deg duration @ .050
as you see the crane/FR stage 2 cam isnt that higher rev than the stock ZX2 cam but it is a nice upgrade

If I remember right, I think the Crane CAMS are for non-VCT ZETEC engines, like a Focus. So, if you bought a set of CAMS from Crane you will only be able to use the intake CAM on a ZX2. If you bought the stage 1 CAMS, congratulations, you bought a set of stock damn near stock ZX2 CAMS. They are barely better than what you allready have. They only increase power to 6,500rpm, and by power I mean you might get 6 or 7 hp from a set. The stage 2 set if you could make them work would prbably give you a 10 hp gain up to 7,000rpm. The stage 3 set will give you probably 13 hp gain up to 7,500rpm. Those gains are stage 1 basically stock. Stage 2 with exhaust set-up, intake, UDP, ignition etc. Stage 3 full bolt-ons plus top-end build (CC, PNP, OSV). Depending on which stage you bought you could always keep them, put in a Focus head one day and then install them with adj. timing gears and a Focus valve cover.

well i bought them off of ebay and well i think i am just going to return them because it says they were for a focus and zx2 but since that isnt true and i cant use both of them i will just get my money back and get a chip