Alright I have thinking about getting some cams, since I have to install the spare motor I have. I have been talking to a fellow zx2ner and I was going to buy a set of esslinger high rev cams off of him for a pretty resonable price.

My question is what do I need to install these? I plan on having my mechanic do it for me… but I like to buy my own parts in advance… that way I know what I am getting and that its the right part/parts and dont have to wait extra days etc. help will be much appriciated!

With doing cams you’ll need to be doing shims with them. With this since it will allow tolerances to be given if to high or low. The mechanic will probably/might need to special order them so it can take a few day’s to get it right. With this it involves everything from timing belt to be taken off to the cam bearings taken off.

Make sure if you do have full bolt on’s and cam’s that you do get upgraded injectors. I believe they will be maxed out at that point.

“If a cam last more than 30 mins in a run cycle in a car…they should last as long as the motor” -UTI <-This is given the respect that everything went right.

you might be smart to get a respected performance shop to do this rather than average’s joe’s oem replacement shop

I dont know if there are any “speciality shop i could go to” I assume there is…

Ill have to talk with my mech and see if he can do it or not. He is a really reasonable dude. If he dosent feel qualified he will tell me!

hmmm is there like a cam kit I can get LOL Like something that comes with just about everything I would need for installation?

Not really a cam kit which kind of sucks. With this are you getting hi rev both cams like zxtuner has? You will need shims. With this you shave the shims to get its tolerances corrected for the specs. Rob from zxtuner can give you better details. You will need the following below for a good cam installation:

-Timing belt tools
-Clean motor oil
-New Cams(make sure there clean and oiled
-A little assembly lube is good(Put this on the cam bearings when installing so its not a dry start.
-Maybe new buckets if tolerances aren’t correct

This is some of the stuff to give you a head’s up on when doing it.

Are there any services or people that can assemble a head if I send it to them lol (with payment of course) they are esslinger cams, so should I get the same stuff as the ZXTuner cams?

both esslinger and i have web cams grind up the camshafts, so either or will be the same manufacturer.

when u bought the cams, what all did you get? just the cams or the cams and the lash caps? are you sure they are hi rev cams or some other grind? if they are hi rev cams, a “260e” will be stamped on the cam tool slot end of the cam. if there’s another number, then perhaps they are another grind…


if you sent me an cyl head with valves and springs installed i can size the tappets for you (with payment of course lol)

what year is the head you are using? if its pre 2000 model year, you’ll want to change out the ship type tappets for solid ones. shim type tappets have less cam surface contact area and in some cases with high lift cams, can shoot the shims out like tiddely winks. so to do the job right, plan on getting 16 new tappets for the cam install.


The cams do not come with lash caps I don’t think anyways. The cylinder head would either be my 99.5+ head on my car or the 2000 head off the motor that’s going in the car.

I am not 100% sure if they are “for sure” high rev cause I don’t have them on hand. I could ask if they have the stamp on them.

How much we talking rob? You can send me a PM if you don’t wanna talk about it in here. would you be able to port it while your at it LOL?

i can set up the cams for you, i cannot port do valve jobs, or assemble valves into the head.

the cams will require lash caps, so you should check to see if you’ll need to buy them. if you need the lash caps, find out what the base circle is of the cams you are buying (thickness of the cam lobe perpendicular to the thickest part)

The 2000 and up zx2 has solid tappets as oem, the 99 and back has the shim type, so the head with the solid tappets would be better since that might save you a few bucks buying tappets (you’ll probably need only a half dozen new tappets as opposed to a full set of 16).


So if they do bot come with lash caps I’ll have to measure the cam and what… Order them from web?

i have lash caps in stock at zxtuner, but in order to know which thickness of cap to use, i’ll need to know the cam’s base circle.


Well if I send you the head and cams we’d be set then right :wink: I PM’d the guy so I’ll know if they cone with lash caps or not here soon.

yes you could send me the head and cams and i could fit them. figure 100 bucks for 2 sets of lash caps, and 16 bucks each on the tappets, depending on how many you need. plus any additional parts and labor charges.


I’ll update after I get a reply from the guy

Alright rob I got a pm from the guy today and he said that on the intake cam it says 260 and from the lift it sounds like a normal high rev cam. On the exhaust he said it says 280 and he said The lift is .365 but dosent know the duration. Would this be a decent combo? What I the exhaust cam?

there should be an “e” on the stamped end as well (probably is). The exhaust cam is a 1st attempt for a grind at esslinger and it offers very little benefit (in other words, i wouldn’t run it). The other possible concern if these are ancient esslinger grinds is that the base circle grind might be one that causes me not to have lash cap sizes that will work.

if you can get the seller to measure the base circle of the cams, it will help determine if the cam(s) is going to be a problem.


What exactly do you mean by base circle? Just the end of the cams?

its a measurement of the lobe at its smallest diameter. for example if you want to know what the cam’s lift is, you measure the cam at it’s fattest point, then at its narrowest point perpendicular to the fattest point (base circle), and subtract the smaller number from the larger number.

The base diameter I got is 31.7mm.

I found some lash caps. They are 3.75mm thick with the inside depth being 1.6mm. If they are the right ones I’ll send you 8 of them.

Alright this is what I just recieved from him would these be a problem?