Camber kit with S/R Lower?

For all you guys out their with the S/R lowering kit. Do I need the camber bolt kit or will the stock ones adjust far enough?

get the camber kit. better to be safe then sorry.

I learned a valuable lesson in NOT getting the camber kit. It was called $400 for new tires.

huh? I dont go through tires quicky. Unless the S/R comes w/ a camber kit. (Scratching head)

you don’t need a camber kit. vit has that set up and he’s riding on toyo proxes, his tires are perfect.

I didn’t use any kits for that crap and my alignment came out near perfect afterwards…only minor adjustment needed.

Don’t get the camber crap, but definitely get the alignment. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

I went with suspension techniques springs, KYB GR2 struts, new sway bars, new bushings.

Got an alignment, no problems. Was a 1.6" drop.

Thanks for the replays guys. Just got them in today probably put them on the car on friday or saterday then get it aligned. BTW I got H&R springs and tokico struts. Was gonna get eibachs but H&R’s lower 1.3 all the way around and when I got them I found out there like the exact same color as my car. and i found tokicos for CHEAP $137.50