cam gear problems

i just recently put a zxtuner cam gear on my car on the intake side. didnt really wanna put one on the exhaust side because of the vct but my car is acting up pretty bad. it starts up but sometimes has trouble starting up and whenever you push the gas alil over moderately it tries to suck for air but the engine dies. im thinking the timing belt may have jumped, but any other suggestions?

Hmmmmm, did you use the proper setup tools for cam timing? Also, when you put on the belt, did you make sure the VCT was properly “parked”, if not then you would be way off on the exhaust timing. The key to the Zetec is following the timing setup to the letter.

yea thats wat it sounds like to me if i was u i would take if apart and put it back in time or use a timeing light and c if its out of time

yeah the belt had jumped when i was putting it back together. it runs like a champ now