Calling all engine hunters.

I need to purchase a new engine asap , performance prerfered , but will take a oem one if its the right price . If anyone has really looked into this let me know where .

curious… Gude kit for sale, looking for new engine? You blow it up with the Gude?

I have a 11,000 mile focus engine in my garge zetec. for sale if you want it. I live in ohio where do you live?

I’m in ny , and how much do you want for it ? I didnt blow it up , I lost the transmission .

$500 takes it. pick up only or you pay 10,000,000 in stamps lol

...or you pay 10,000,000 in stamps lol

lol, I bet you would run out of surface area before putting that man stamps on. But I can imagine someone doing that.