bushing question for short-throw swap

Got my shifter on order, but I wanna do it right, so can someone give me part #'s for ES bushings? I got a reply from energysuspensionparts.com, but their # is 41106 ($6 from suspension.com), and zxtuner shows thhat as the stationary rod set. So, question2-I believe it’s advisable to switch front& rear linkage bushings together? If so what’s the # for rear linkage bushing set? Thanks for info!

The bushings that you get from ES are for the front of the linkage. The fronts and rear bushings are different sizes also so they are unswappable. What you got from ES and Zxtuner should be the same bushings.

I kinda figured that much. So, is there a urethane replacement for the rear linkage, or just use OE?

just use the stock ones that are on the car. unless you want to go through the hassel of going through ford and purchasing a new one.

thanks, man. BTW autozone sells the 4.1106g for $5.99 (spec.order)if anyone else is interested.