Bunch of stuff

All prices do not include shipping and are obo.

13mm sway bar with endlinks and all bushings $10


Drivers power switch $5


Drivers light grey handle $5


Stock Spark plug wires 20,000 miles $20


Motorcraft spark plugs 20,000 miles $10


2003 front and rear seats in perfect condition only in car for 3 months $200



2003 valve cover $30


Gauge surround painted silver $10



Speaker covers painted $5


Drivers handle power painted $10


Steering column covers painted $15


3rd brake light cover painted $5


Charcoal glove box door $15


painted drivers vent $1


heater knobs…2 i have the third but not sure where it is $5


painted cup holder $2


various pieces $2


Light Grey Door Panel passenger $15


Light grey door panel driver $15


WW sides and rear $400
I can get pictures tomorrow. It is brand new in the bubble wrap never painted, primed etc. Brand new

If you are interested in any of the parts or have any questions just send me a PM.


That Superchip requires premium, right?

  • Darron

I ran it with both premium and middle grade with no problems

would you be willing to split the rear seats? I just need the bottom.

I really wanted to try to keep them together at least front seats together and all of the back together…make an offer though

Powder UDP and belt added to parts list above

$75 for the rears? Might be a couple weeks before i get the money for them though…

Something happen to your car that your selling everything or just cleaning house?

i’m just getting rid of a bunch of stuff i have laying around, plus i need money for my wedding.

i also had some problems with ford and warranty issues and in all honesty i will probably be getting a mazdaspeed 6 in July when I move to Florida…

I could sell the seats to you for $75 plus shipping which through fed ex is about $20 so $95 shipped…

that wouldn’t be bad at all. let me see if I can get the money in a reasonable amount of time. I’ll give you 100$ straight up shipped.

sounds good…just let me know…paypal id is xwll@iup.edu

more stuff added

Ooh, the WW kit I’m interested in. Gotta start saving $

Still really need to sell this stuff…

WW kit i will get pics of on friday…

would you take 20 for both door panels?

yep…gimme your zip code and i’ll get you a shipping quote

are you still up at IUP? If so, I could meet you somewhere. I live about an hour or so from there.

where do you live at…the panels are at my parents house. i am going home this coming weekend and could grab them

i live south of IUP, near uniontown. if you could get them i could meet you somewhere next week. near the college or wherever is best for you. pick a day and a time and we’ll go from there.

i will get them this weekend and we can meet up somewhere…

let me know what day is good for you. i work midnights, and get home about 7:45 to 8:00. then it would be about an hour and a half drive from my house depending on traffic. so anytime after 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM monday through friday. let me know

here is my schedule for this week…pick a day thats good for you

these are the only 2 days i will be able to meet you somewhere

wed - anytime after 3pm is good
thurs - 1-4pm is good