Bullrun 2009

Did anyone catch the Bullrun on Speed channel? Tell me what you thought.

not sure what it is?

I watched a couple of them not as much/many as I did last year though. Maybe cause this year they didn’t come through my small ass town :wink:(like they did last year)

is the bull run suppose to be like gumball 3000?

something like that. it’s based on a similar race. the part that sucks is that you get penalized for speeding, and some of the challenges on the show will mess a car up. for the show if you could get something with a huge gas tank that could just cruise at the speed limit the whole way you’re pretty unstoppable, hence a chevy coming in second place with a ferrari, corvette, etc losing to it

The Super Snake that won this year doesn’t get great gas mileage. The Chevy that came in second may have had a big gas tank, but they got lost a lot, which could negate their advantage.

What happened to that Lancer EVO was just DAMN! The fatal last words: “I’m just gonna gun it!”

the evo guys were douchers, but i wish they would’ve stayed on longer to piss more people off. i watched pretty much every episode and thought some of the challenges were terrible, and without speeding it was full of people bitching about the rules. however it was still entertaining, and i’ll probably watch another season if it comes on.

yeah the lancer guys were eliminated by the typical attitude of people with that type of car, I think the attitude pack comes standard in the trunk actually…

as far as the super snake goes they had an additional fuel cell in the trunk giving added range, I’ve thought about doing that in my zx2 before