Brake fluid + eye = not so much fun.

So today I was doing the slave cylinder on my 944 to see why i was getting a lazy pedal. Only to find out that my master cylinder may be slightly seeping over time.

Well… I had my dad help me out while i was over there and used his hoses… he had a one way valve hose which requires constant pressure. Against my better judgement, i used it to do the slave cylinder and said “Ok dad, press the clutch.” i wasn’t really expecting him to press it hard, but he pretty much STOMPED on the clutch, the hose popped off, and brake fluid spurted ALL over the place, up to and including my glasses and in my eyes.

Now… i’ve had a bad encounter with foreign acidic fluids in my eyes before. A wonderful cleaner called “Bug Off!” got in my eye from a retarded co-worker at a car dealership who decided to try and spray over a car and at the car by me, and in turn, hitting me in the eye when he said “Watch this.” (isn’t that how it always happens?)

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say bugoff in your eye is a straight 10. In fact when i got to the emergency care (couldn’t see a damn thing) they said an entire layer was eaten off my cornea (no wonder i have vision issues on that eye years later) when it was all said and done. Thats right, one layer of cornea, gone. If it’ll kill bugs and soften them up to come off your car, it’ll eat your eyeballs.

On a scale of 1 to 10, brake fluid is a pretty solid 4 or 5, either way you cut it, even a hair in your eye being a 1, getting poked in the eye by a finger being a 2. And anything that goes “OW OH MY GOD!” being a 3 and above… brake fluid isn’t fun.

I have flushed my eyes with water SEVERAL times today. As well as used eye drops afterwards to retain moisture. I can see fine. Lesson learned, be specific with someone who isn’t used to flushing a clutch or something like brakes. There is a LOT of pressure to come out of a bleeder screw. “Press the pedal SLOWLY” would have worked. But it was a full on POW like we were powershifting.

Interesting story of the day.

if you think brake fluid is bad try brake cleaner :o
rubbing alcohol isn’t fun either

That’s as equivalent as putting in a contact backward and trying to peel it off with acrylic nails.

I hate when I do that


Ya Ive gotten stuff in my eyes. Always worried that I will loose my vision. Glad nothing horrible came out of this though.

does getting poked in the eye with a palm tree leaf count? did that one yesterday…

i always like the dirt in the eye while under the car working - the hands are typically an unholy mess of oil and grime so theres nothing u can do until you get your ass to the sink and wash up.

Worst is with glasses while your under the car. the dirt gets behind and right in the corner of the eye, some sand, dirt and rusty metal. Then comes the greasy glasses when you forget your hands are dirty…

Derek glad to hear nothing too bad happened from that.