Brake ducts mod...

I need to redo it and work on it a tad more but I will post up my brake ducts I made into the front facia here sometime on one of my days off for anyone interested.

now, mechtech mentioned that because I have ceramic brakes that this is really not necessary as they work best when hot, but the ducts aren’t getting so much air that it’s keeping them “cold”. Also, I’m working on a way to close them off for wet weather/snow. Though the setup now is basically pushing air into the fender well to keep that area cool rather than keep the hot air there rather than blowing directly into the back to hit the rotors.

I’m still working on this more deeply.

I just wanted to post up that it has been done… using the stock front facia :slight_smile: As I fabricate it more I’ll post pics.

Can’t wait!

It’ll be interesting to see your design, I’ve got a tremendous problem of overheating my brakes and am anxious to see what you come up with.

Did you ever get this done?