Brake caliper Question

i have a question any advice or anything would be helpful. Is there a brake caliper cover that blocks the brake dust from getting on my rims because im in the progress of doing an extreme cleaning job to give my car a nice strong clean look to it and the rims have brake dust oon them and i dont want that really looking that bad again so if anyone knows if there is something to block that dust where can i get it? id really appreciate it

Is there a brake caliper cover that blocks the brake dust from getting on my rims...

No. The best way to stop brake dust from getting on your rims is to purchase better pads. Pads that won’t give off as much brake dust. But ultimately you can’t stop it because the rotors and pads need air to cool down.

Yes but it looks retarded… Its basically a round piece of semi thick sheet metal that is drilled to slip onto your lugs and sit behind your spokes on your rim. It looks stupid in pics Ive seen. I dont reccomend it.

thanks i appreciate it

use ceramic pads dust is more of a light grey shows up a lot less…

What caliper is used for your standard disc conversion?

a new one lol, or wasn’t that what you were asking? be specific…

While this thread is on it, hows the quad piston conversion going?

I’m asking about the caliper because I want to know what my pad options are.

well darth im seeing if i can get parts form wilwood and baer to see who will give me the best prices on rotors and calipers…

and FB right now the kit available only uses the stock caliper so metallic, carbon friction, ceramic are your pad options

:?Stock caliper from what car? S/R, GT? I'm lost. Also can you make front calipers from a Mustang GT fit on a ZX2? I don't want people who don't know Escorts to think "wow he has money".

currenty using sR calipers i thought about using cobra r calipers…

I’ve not seen Cobra R calipers… Do they scream bling?
I need to “look” factory.
Aside from the hood. :wink:

Seems I’ll be powder coating over “Brembo”. :smiley:
Thanks for the info.

i could use taurus rear calipers and front calipers if you like we can do that custom if you like if you want to appear stock.

The S/R on the rear should suffice… Let you know next September. :frowning:

ok sounds good…

Don’t worry I don’t B.S.

nope thay make them polished aluminum with no lettering…